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At Dar Simons gastronomy and hospitality are combined into an unique concept. We offer a fine dining experience, with or without an overnight stay, in a very intimate scenery.

In a dining area that seats up to 12 people, seasoned chef and host Carlo Simons presents surprising dishes. Dining at Dar Simons is like buying a ticket to the theater surrounding to its writer. 

Dar Simons is not big in terms of surface, but big in the way it will impact you. 'DAR' is the Arabic word for HOME. In this house, as a team, we aim to create a home away from home for those traveling with the expectation to learn new things through people, culture and experiences. 

The interior has been patiently transformed and curated by Carlo Simons himself. He used traditional Moroccan techniques with a minimalist approach, combining them with soothing color palettes and his eye for design to hone a sense of tranquility. Therefore he has the help of a well-chosen team of locals to cater to every need. In his philosophy, Carlo strives to create employment opportunities for locals. 

Dar Simons is the result of a strong sense of adoration for and years of traveling to Marrakech by Carlo, who now wants to create a memorable experience for like-minded guests. 


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