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We are a fine dining restaurant that serves only one French/Belgian tasting menu.  

At Dar Simons we unite tradition and quality with the wonderful fresh produce from the Moroccan soil and waters.

To make sure you will have our full attention, we will only sell 12 tickets per night.

Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate all allergies or dietary requirements. Please inform us upon reserving a table.


For the moment we are working on a vegan menu that equals the quality of our tasting menu. Until we have finished this we will not serve vegan menu's. 

Tasting menu: 100eur (1035 MAD)


At the moment our restaurant is open limited. For the agenda we refer you to our Instagram, where we share the dates, or send us an e-mail to*

Because we only work with daily fresh products, we kindly ask you to book your ticket 24 hours in advance by sending us an e-mail.

* For parties of 6 persons or more please contact us to discuss the possibility of other dates.

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